Food Safety Advice

Infocus Food Safety provides specialist food safety advice and consultancy services to aged care organisations, hospitals, multi-site hospitality enterprises, event managers, retail franchises, childcare centres.

Food Safety Advice & Consultancy

  • Advice on new or existing food safety programs
  • Advice on state specific legislation and training requirements
  • Advice on plans for new or renovated food premises, specifications and food premises registration
  • Management of food safety incidents, non-compliance issues and litigation support

Our Food Safety Consultancy Services are aimed at giving you and your organisation peace of mind in managing food-related risks at a ‘value  for money’ price. Our services are aligned with Food Standards Australia  & New Zealand (FSANZ) and meet legislative and local council  requirements. Essentially, we assist you to manage risks so that your  organisation can competently and confidently prepare and sell safe food.